Big News…we’re breaking some spy shots thanks to anonymous tipster of Mavic’s sweet 2009 Crossmax Wheelset and pedals.  Check out the sick machining all the way up the sidewalls!  The other big news on this is the front wheel will be available in 20mm thru-axle and standard versions…and the “standard” version, from the images (shown after the break) looks like it comes ready to work with the new 15mm thru-axle size and, using adapters, standard QR skewers.


Full-size pics and specs for these wheels and their new line of pedals after the break…

Click on the pictures to expand:

2009 Mavic Pedals - spy shots on  2009 mavic crossmax - spy shot on  2009 Mavic Crossmax - spy shot on  2009 mavic pedals - spy shot on

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