Really, the headline says it all.  Sick light, super sweet looking. Only €990.00.  Given that today’s exchange rate is 1.49049, that’s a bargain basement price of $1,475.60.  They’re practically giving them away, so head on over to and claim yours today!

All kidding aside, read more to see specs and pics of their seatposts and saddles.  All carbon, all sweet.

The brakes are a single-pivot design, using bearings on the axle for higher precision and strain-oriented carbon fiber layup for strength.

Front brake 48 g
Rear brake 47 g 





Also available are carbon seats, ranging from 48 to 78 grams (Apollo racing model shown):

And their seatposts, 85g to 118g (Europa no-setback model shown):


Thanks to Dale at Cycles de Oro for the tip on this one.  Check AX-Lightness’ website for full specs and pics of all their models.

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