alex a-class mountain bike wheelset superlightA-Class, from Alex Rims, will launch 10 new wheelsets for ’09.

MTB Highlights include the VXD1 ultralight set at 1350g using Scandium rims (300g each!) and aero spokes.  It will come with 6-hole IS disc standard initially with a centerlock design planned.

The VXD1 is followed by the VXD3/VXC3 (disc/v-brake) for all around XC use, weighing in at 1530g for v-brake and 1650 for centerlock (no exact info on weight for IS disc).  Oddly, these claim to only use 24 spokes, whereas the VXD1 supposedely has 32.  These will feature gold-anodized rims and hidden nipples.

Finally, the VED3 “Enduro Disc” wheelset for general free-ride use.  28mm rims with 28 spokes adds beefyness (that’s a word, right?  right.) and puts the weight up around 1900g.

Unfortunately, there was no info about the road wheels in the press release, and only this crappy, lo-res pic. 

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