ABA has opened voting for the annual BMX Hall of Fame! Each year the ABA names a number of early pioneers, BMX racers and an industry veteran. 2008 Nominees for “Pioneers” include:


  • Marvin Church - credited with building the first straight-tube BMX frame in 1972.
  • Brian Lewis - the cover boy of the premier issue of BMX ACTION magazine.
  • Billy McIntyre - one of the first guys to race a 26 inch cruiser.
  • Kenny Nachman - a constant contender in the 24 inch ranks.
  • Danny Oakley - instrumental in establishing organized BMX racing.
  • John Palfreyman - another pioneer in the earliest days of BMX.
  • Brian Ramocinski - the original BMX News test rider and first to race a freewheel hub.
  • Steve Skibel Jr. - still the youngest kid in BMX to have his own “Signature Frame”.
Nominees for “Racers” include Richard Bartlett, Eric Carter, Doug Davis, Leigh Donovan, Deanna Edwards, Rob Fehd, Tracer Finn, Brian Foster, Billy Griggs, Matt Hadan, Tim “Fuzzy” Hall, Jason Jensen, Tim Judge, D.D. Leone, Christophe Leveque, Jamie Lilly, Brian Lopes, Todd Lyons, Dave Marietti, Kenny May, Robert Macpherson “BIG MAC”, Lee Medlin, Danny Nelson, R.L. Osborn & Mike Buff, Rick Palmer, Clarence Perry, John Piant, Frank Post, Mike Poulson, Jim Pratt, John Purse, Geoff Scofield, Charles Townsend, Steve Veltman and Jason Wharton.
Nominees for “Industry” include Jim Alley, Bill Bastain, Roger Berg, Howie Cohen, Don Crupi, Jim Emerson, George Esser, Sandy Finkleman, John Gregory, Jim Jannard, Steve Johnson, John Ker, Troy Lee, Russ Okawa, Ken Pendergraft, Jon & Chuck Raudman, Steve Rink, Renny Roker, Everett Rosecrans, Owen Sheppman, Steve Skibel Sr., Greg (Scott) Swingrover, Marshall Wheeler, Roger Worsham, 


Read the full bio for each nominee and cast your vote here.


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