You may not be able to pedal it that fast with such small wheels, but that won’t stop you from pacing the “casual” shop rides all the way to the coffee shop.  Good for up to 20 miles (or 40 miles with additional battery pack), the UltraMotor A2B can be outfitted with bags and racks to stuff groceries in, making it very practical for cities with decent bike lanes and paths.  The A2B uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

Perhaps cooler than the idea of commuting on an electric bike is UltraMotor’s LEV-City concept.  UltraMotor is making available to city planners their LEV-City subscription-based charging station programs.  In a nutshell, a city would place recharging stations throughout town, and people could simply swipe their card to “rent” an A2B for quick trips.  Get the downlow and watch the video here.

UltraMotor offers a couple other pedal/electric bikes and scooters, too, shown on their website.

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