Alright, we’re reverting to 3rd grade a little here, but a study of 90 bicycle police officers in five metros proved that noseless saddles improve men’s function and sensation.  Additionally, participants learned some fancy new words and phrases, which beat my elementary school vocab lessons anyday.  These are excerpted from some news articles last week (1, 2):

  • Noseless bicycle seats overcome deleterious health effects associated with existing seats, while enhancing penile sensation and erectibility.
  • Use of noseless seats resulted in…significant improvement in penile tactile sensation.
  • During the study, there were no significant changes noted in Rigiscan Nocturnal Penile Tumescence tests.
  • The health benefits of having unrestricted vascular flow to and from the penis and less penile numbness is self-evident. (Duh. – ed.)
This study also proves yet again why we need to get our youngsters interested in “science”.

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