We introduced this helmet before, but have a little more updated info for you.  MET spa and Level USA have arranged to show the helmet at Interbike, and the way we’re reading the press release, if there’s enough dealer interest, Level will make it available in the US.  Why do we care?  Because on paper, this looks like a freakin’ killer lid.  At only 200g (235g for Large), it’s super light, and only 20% of its interior surface area is in contact with your noggin.  This, combined with the well-spaced composite exoskeleton structure and the thermo-sensitive (pulls heat away from your head) gel padding, this helmet should be very light, cool and comfortable.

US pricing won’t be set until Interbike.  If you’re a dealer and you want to get this in your shops, they’ll be at the Carrera booth (#2610) in the Italian Village.

Plus, it comes in a decent variety of standard helmet colors, so you should be able to find something to match it to your club or team wear:





  1. Absolute junk. I did a lot of research when trying to find a good helmet to replace my five-year old Giro Atmos. I was happy with my Giro, but wanted to try something different. The Sine Thesis looked good in photos and seemed to get good reviews. I was very disappointed as soon as I opened the box of the Met helmet. The manufacturing looks cheap compared to the price paid. As soon as I put it on my head the low quality manufacturing held true in functionality as well – the dial adjustment mechanism fell apart with only a couple of turns to fit it to my head…I mean actually came apart in pieces. The dial adjustment components and housing look like something that comes in a Kinder Egg. If you are not familiar with a Kinder Egg, it is a hollow chocolate egg that contains a cheap plastic toy for children to assemble. Yes, the mechanism is of that level of quality. I was able to snap the pieces back together well enough to attempt fit to see if maybe I want to return the helmet and try another. The front Gel pads seemed nice, but the sides couldn’t be adjusted to touch my head…yes, I used the Met size chart to select the correct size helmet before my purchase. But even worse on the fit was the sharp edges from the plastic straps holding the web to the rear adjustment mechanism, which dug into the back of my head, likely to cause a headache within an hour – assuming I would be willing to trust this helmet with my life and wear it on a ride. I think I will go back to Giro.

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