2009 Bianchi D2 cross carbon

Bianchi has released their 2009 range photos, and we’ve sorted through them and will be posting the highlights for you.  This post is frames only, stay tuned for posts with commuters, single-speeds, road, mountain and kids bikes.  Pictured above is Bianchi’s new top-o-the-line carbon ‘cross bike, the “D2 Cross Carbon”.  Most models have frames in the trademark Bianchi “mint” green, plus gray, red, and black/white. Read more for pics across the range…

2009 Bianchi 1885 Aluminum

2009 Bianchi 1885 Aluminum road frame (click on images to see larger versions)

2009 Bianchi 928 Carbon

2009 Bianchi 928 Carbon road frame

2009 Bianchi D2 Aero

2009 Bianchi D2 Aero time trial frame.

2009 Bianchi D2 Crono Triathlon

2009 Bianchi D2 Crono Triathlon frame.

2009 Bianchi D2 Super Pista Single-Speed frame.

2009 Bianchi Pinella Boron

2009 Bianchi Pinella Boron road frame.

2009 Bianchi XC Caal

2009 Bianchi XC Caal full-suspension frame

2009 Bianchi XC Camos

2009 Bianchi XC Camos full suspension frame.

2009 Bianchi XC Oetzi Ti

2009 Bianchi XC Oetzi Ti mountain bike frame.

2009 Bianchi XC Oetzi

2009 Bianchi XC Oetzi Carbon.

2009 Bianchi XC team aluminum

2009 Bianchi XC team aluminum.



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