It’s official, my friend Eddie ain’t gonna like this, but if you’re looking for a way to get more comfortable on your bike for half or less than what a professional fit costs, here’s your product.

According to their PR, “a recent study of over 500 cyclists at California State University found that 85% had overuse injuries.  And 36% of them needed medical treatment.  Most overuse injuries can be prevented with proper bike fit.  Riding for four hours a week, the average cyclist will petal 1,000,000 revolutions per year.  Even a minor misfit can lead to major problems over time.  Proper fit is essential for longevity in the sport.”

We’ll be doing a review of this in a few weeks, comparing the results of our home fit kit results with a professional fit from 55nine Performance…stay tuned.  The Bike Fitting Kit is available for $44.95, is reusable and has guides for both road and mountain bike fits.  Each kit includes a DVD, 12 in. goniometer, level, hex keys, tape measure, plumb bob, and a fine tuning guide that lists 15 common poor fit symptoms, with a cause and a cure.

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