The big news for Ritchey is the introduction of their new Super Logic group, which replaces WCS as the brand’s creme de la creme.  Shown above is the all new Super Logic 10° sweep mountain flat bar and the standard, round road drop bar.  The difference from WCS is a new, lighter unidirectional carbon instead of the 3D weave used in the WCS.  Besides being lighter, it also matches the look of many of the new carbon frames using the unidirectional fibers as opposed to a weave.  The 10° mountain bike bar gives you the comfortable hand position of a riser bar but with out any rise.  The road bar is also available with a flat top and longer reach.  All of them weigh 190g.

Read “more” for pics of all the rest, including new Tri/TT bars, fancy white bits, and their new carbon-boron road rims.

The new 190g Super Logic TT bar has a 60mm drop, which Ritchey incorporated due to requests from its sponsored riders.  The aero bars are also made of the new unidirectional weave and can be mounted on any 31.8 handlebar.

Another new option for Ritchey in ’09 is “wet white” as a finish.  There’s also a “wet” black and a ball-burnished black for the alloy WCS components (above and below)

You can even get some fancy white grips to complement the handlebar and stem:

…and a white seat!  Their new WCS seat (below) is fresh outta the lab…no weight or price specs were available, but it has carbon rails and felt really light.

Their new seatpost offers about 30mm of fore/aft adjustment, so you can get the setback just the way you like it.  If you’re like me, this is would be a welcome OEM option (manufacturers, are you listening?) since everyone seems to be putting setback seatposts on their new bikes…which *ahem* some of us don’t like.

Ritchey’s new Super Logic carbon wheelset works some metallurgical/chemical magic to fuse boron into the carbon, making it stronger.  Given the specific application here (wheels), I’d say that’s a promising selling point as more manufacturers start offering carbon wheels and rims.

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