2009 Redline Conquest Classic Team cyclocross cross road bike bicycle interbike 2008

Redline had a ton of bikes in the booth, so we’re splitting them up into group posts.  Here, you have the 2009 Concept Cyclocross bikes.  Above is the Classic, a double butted Cromoly frame bike with disc brakes.  It’s got slicks on it, with the intention of ‘crossing town rather than run ups and barriers.

For the racers, they had their Scandium Concept Team model with some knobbies.  Check it out when you read “more”…

The shiny rear end of the Classic.  Note the mount points on the inside of the seatstays for attaching various things (fenders, panniers, etc.)

The Team edition comes with a carbon fork, scandium frame and plenty of high zoot Ritchey bits.  Full specs are:

Click to enlarge this image to make it more legible.

Carbon canti brakes match the carbon fork.  Very classic looking off-white tape with red stitch detail gives the bike a more polished look…but I bet it will become more and more “off” white as the season progresses.

Shorty brake levers on the flats keep you in control.  As is the fashion these days, the seat and stem are in white.

Replaceable cable guide on the bottom (or removeable if you wanted to run a single gear up front).

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