The Derringer Cycles’ retro style motorized bicycle combines a gas engine with pedals, giving you the option to use your own power, some fossil fuels (albeit very little) or some combination of the two.  That, and it’s available in virtually any color you could imagine.

They claim it gets up to or more than 150mpg.  No doubt, the stingy fuel use is due in part to the very aero position you’ll achieve with the racing position of the handlebars!  Check out more pics and details when you read “more”…

They use a 49cc Honda OHV 4-stroke engine that’s CARB adn EURO2 emission compliant…so you won’t get that nasty “scooter” exhaust that’s pretty much pure hell for the environment.  (Other than that…nothing against scooters, and it’s probably mostly the 2-strokers that are the culprit).

They have a 70mm drum brake in the front and a coaster brake in the rear, which will slow you from the top-speed governed 20mph to 40mph, depending on the laws in your area.  MSRP varies around the $3,500 mark, which includes picking your color combos and some basic options, then goes up depending on customizations like pinstriping, copper plating, better saddles, etc.




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