The Adirondack Bike Ranch is opening on April 18 in upstate New York. Owner Paul Maggy is building the park on his own property, with plans for an indoor mountain bike park onsite.

Kicking it off on 4/18 with the Adirondack Bike Festival, they’ll have an XC race in the morning, followed by a kids race, music, food and tons of free stuff to give away, including raffling off a Rocky Mountain ETSX 10 Foes XCT5 (Foes will be a second raffle at a later date) and other bikes donated from local bike shops.

As if he weren’t busy enough, Paul has also started the Northern Adirondack Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA?) to develop the trails in the park. He’s also opening a full service bicycle shop, called Mountain Riders, onsite that will stock Foes, Kona and Norco.

Click “more” to additional photos from the property…

The geography where his park is located is a great area for mountain bike trails, so even though the ground is covered with snow and leaves in these pics, my guess is there is tremendous potential for world-class riding there.

During a phone conversation with Paul, he said there’s a lack of riding opportunities around him despite several bike shops that do very well, selling largely to a student population. He’s using students from an Event Management class to help promote the grand opening festival. Here’s hoping that once it’s built, those students will study mountain biking, too.

Here’s the building that will house the indoor mountain bike park.


  1. Paul Maggy and The Events Management class at Plattsburgh State I think this is GREAT what you are doing and I would be glad to help promote this event. Please email me so I can meet with ya to pick up some posters to put around town at the bars and also hang a few on my food trailer for the next 2 weeks to get the word out. Thanks Jim email

  2. Pretty cool. Not normally my thing but injuries have put me off my ‘normal’ bike so perhaps a little trail riding could be fun. Of course if things go as planned then maybe I’ll have incentive to get the little bike tuned up and ready to ride. Good luck guys and I’ll probably be around on the 18th to check it all out.


  3. thought the event was great. kids from plattsburgh state did a great job. can’t control the weather. but a good time had by all any way

  4. I was so glad to hear about this place happening in the region, and even more glad to be lucky enough to have won the raffle for the Rocky Mountain! A less honest person might have buckled to pressures to have someone present during the raffle win the bike, I know if it were me running the raffle, I would have had a hard time sticking to my policy. Kudos to Paul and Corinna both for putting in some hard work to open the area to riding and for being honest, friendly folks!

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