Delta 7 will have its IsoTruss carbon-kevlar woven road bike, the Ascend, on demo at Sea Otter.  Claiming to be one of the strongest frames in its weight class with an estimated weight of less than 1000 grams, the Ascend acheives an optimal strength-to-weight ratio by weaving a single carbon fiber strand into IsoTruss carbon Kevlar spider web-like open lattice tubes. 

Available as frame set only or as a complete bike with SRAM Red or Campy Super Record. MSRP of $5,995 (frame only), $10,995-$16,995 (complete bike).

Check out close-up pics of this frame and their Arantix mountain bike in our Interbike post.  Hopefully they’ll have a wider range of sizes to demo at Sea Otter than they did at Interbike Demo Days.

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