If you’ve never visited, you’re too late. Cyclist Village, a “social networking platform that connects connected all things cycling” has announced they’re closing down the site. Man, and we had barely even used our Bikerumor profile to meet and greet…

It was a pretty aggressive site, offering video, forums and a full suite of facebook-like social opportunities…which begs the question, why try to compete with Facebook. Seriously, I have enough work to do just keeping up with Facebook and Linked In. There were some good resources there, and a valient attempt…maybe it can come back to life as a Facebook app or something or reinvent itself as a pure media site. Wait a minute, scratch that, we don’t need any more competition.


  1. Come join

    Just launched 1 week ago and I’m hungry for feedback and users! Cycling is my life, and so are computers so I thought, hey, I’ll do this as a little side project. You won’t see this site ever going down unless I get swamped with traffic.

    Come and join, or get a DNF in your next event or race. 🙂

  2. Despite a fear of jinxing things, given those two sites now also seem to be down (though nutz promises to come back at some point), I should point out

    This is a more sophisticated platform (cutting edge one might say) and is developed and managed by Cycology (rather than being based on a cookie cutter platform like Ning) so we have the flexibility to change and add new featurses rather than just go down the pan. As well as individual cyclists, this site can serve clubs, teams, businesses and other cycling-related organisations.

    There’s a business behind this, so it should have more longevity, and rather than challenging the main social networking platforms we are working with them, integration is key, and more integration and features are on the way…

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