okole-stuff-by-puaOkole Stuff, a chamois lube developed by pro mountain bike racer Pua Sawicki, will officially debut at Sea Otter on Thursday…however, we’ve  known about it for a while now.

We’ve even been testing it in the office (well, on the bike, technically) for a review for a month or so now.

Pua even mentioned it in our interview with her.

So what makes it different?  Well, for one, I certainly wouldn’t call it a chamois “cream” since it’s as thick as Adam Lamberts hair gel, and about as greasy.

I know, unless you’re a teeny bopper, you’re thinking “eeeewwww.”  But, before you tune this out and purge it from your purchase considerations, know this:  It’s supposed to be thick and greasy.  Pua designed it so it intentionally wouldn’t soak into the skin and vanish after a couple of hours in the saddle.  She is a world-class ultra endurance solo racer, after all, and she wanted something that would last the duration of an event.

Without writing a mini-review before our real review, I’ll say this much, the stuff definitely lasts for a long time.  If you’re headed to Sea Otter, try it for yourself, or support Pua in her effort to crush all comers as an independent racer by ordering your own tub now.

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