niteflux versus light and motion in a comparison of mountain bike lights for night riding and racing enduro max rated and reviewed against the seca 400 led both with high lumens

Per the “On Review” post below, we’re racing in the BURN 24 Hour Challenge this coming weekend, and we brought NiteFlux on board as a sponsor to help out the BMCC (the folks that build all the wonderful trail at Dark Mountain).  The lights we have on review, the Photon Max Extreme and Photon 8 will both go into the prize pool once the sun comes up. That’s right, you might win these lights if you’re at the 2009 BURN 24 Hour. Until then, we’re cramming as many miles on them as we can so we can do a proper review.

Conversely, we’ve had the Light & Motion Seca 400 on review for a couple of months now, and three of us have logged lots of miles on it, ranging from crazy cold 20º rides to moderate 60º and 70º rides.  This is one of those items that seems to give me a different opinion of it every time I ride it…so the BURN 24 Hour will be the final ride before we publish our review of it and the NiteFlux lights.  Given that we’re riding these lights side by side, even swapping mid-ride on occasion, the reviews will be separate but include comparisons to one another…which is fine, because they’re quite different.  Look for it next week, after we’ve slept through the Memorial Day holiday.


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