mini cooper bicycle company fixed gear single speed t100 uk street bikeNot sure if these are coming stateside anytime soon, but the Cooper Car Company announced they’ve created a bicycle division.

The first bike available will be the T100,  a sub-£300 single speed fixed gear number. Like the Mini USA site allows you to build your own car (I’ve done it a number of times, dreaming the days away), their bicycle website will allow you to pick and choose the options, colors, frame size, seat, rims and handlebar.  Custom orders should be delivered within three days. Frame colors include the iconic Cooper Racing Green, metallic blue, silver, gloss black or white, and they all get the classic Cooper badge.

Get on the mailing list at

UPDATE: 12:47pm: For launch – and to mark the 50-years since the groundbreaking F1 World Championship win – it will be available in a special edition of the classic Cooper Racing Green, each personally signed by Mike Cooper.

Mike Cooper commented: “The Cooper Car company has always had a passion for bicycles and we have been thinking about diversifying the business for a while.  We wanted to turn our engineering know how to making a bicycle that offers both simplicity and the best value for money.”


  1. Mini-Coopers and Fixies–seems like a good pairing and I’m not being ironic at all there. Cool that you can build your own. I think that’s a great option that other bike companies should follow.


  2. The Sturmey-Archer ASC was an internally geared, 3 or 4 speed, fixed hub. So, no, not all fixed gear bikes are single-speed.

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