FROM KINETIC KOFFEE via FACEBOOK: This month’s Special Roast is from the country that produces the most coffee in the world – Brazil. Of course, most Brazilian coffees are of the Robusta variety, a less expensive, less flavorful coffee than the Arabica that Kinetic Koffee uses exclusively.

The Nossa Senorade Fatima is grown at the higher elevations that create superior coffees. This Arabica coffee, roasted lightly, gives an amazing chocolate aroma that is confirmed on first taste. A little bit of spice and fruit also slip over the palate with a rich body and piquant acidity. Naturally, it’s certifed organic.

Order some today! For our Roaster’s Choice Club members, you’ll be receiving some of this wonderful coffee in your regular June shipment. If you’re not yet a Kinetic Koffee Club member, just give a call and we’ll get you set up on a schedule that’s right for you!

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