bmwmountainbike500Got this from A natural responce would be “why’s a car company on my bike radar?”. Because both BMW and Lumma are bringing us mountain bikes for 2009. Sadly, neither bike comes with a 10yr/ 100,000 mile warranty. 

The latest BMW Mountain Bike Cross Country comes in a rich pearl white (above), with such features as full spring suspension with Manitou shocks and air telescope fork, a hydroformed aluminum frame and fully hydraulic disc brakes. More info is available at BMW’s Web site .

Check out Lumma Design’s mountain bike and info below….


Lumma Design is the German tuning house better known for its muscular conversions of Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Lumma Design’s first-ever mountain bike was created in collaboration with Jordi Miranda, the former BMX world champion. It, too, boasts an aluminum frame and hydraulic disc brakes, as well as Michelin tires and Shimano control units.

Only 50 units will be made to order, each one tailored to the customer’s individual specifications and size. The finish is matte anthracite and silver. More info is available at Lumma Design’s Web site.


  1. I am not sure about the Lumma but the BMW Mt. Bikes are only available in Europe. If you order from BMW’s site it is not possible to get it in the US! Huge oversight! Not to mention after the currency convertor it will cost more then 4000 USD not including freight IF you can find a way to get it shipped here.

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