We’ve run across a lot of “Panda” shots lately on flickr. It all started with cyclotourist‘s photostream, where he has a lot of these so-called Panda shots. Here is a good one:



What’s a Panda shot? Click ‘more’ to find out.

A Panda shot is a picture you take while you ride your bike–with some part of you or your bike in the shot. It’s a self-portrait, so to speak, of the moment. Why is it called a Panda shot? According to the Panda Portraits flickr group there was a particular person on flickr who’s call name is faster panda kill kill. She takes lots of these shots and so many people liked them that they started doing the same thing–calling them “Panda” shots in honor of her.

Here are some Panda variations (click all images to enlarge):

pic-of-the-day-panda-twyld pic-of-the-day-panda-ethangeorgi pic-of-the-day-panda-warbin_k pic-of-the-day-panda-poufthecascadeur pic-of-the-day-interesting-point-of-view-unclefuzzyss

(pictures from flickr, in order: twyld, ethangeorgi, warbin k, poufthecascadeur, unclefuzzy_ss)

The key, of course, is to take the picture without crashing your bike!

…this is not a Panda shot:


Photo by Jim Winstead.


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