timbuk2-flap-light-bagTimbuk2 put together these solar-charged portable LED light messenger bags for the attendee schwag at the PopTech conference.  OK, Interbike, you asked for ideas for this year’s show…here you go: 2010 idea right here!

The bags were designed in conjunction with the Portable Light Project and called the FLAP (Flexible Light and Power).  They use a flexible solar array on the top and front flap of the bag to charge an internal battery.  The battery can then power a built-in LED flashlight or charge small portable electronics via a USB socket.

Even better, the lining and solar flap/light/USB section can be removed to be used without the bag.  The reflective interior lining can be set up to reflect the LED’s light, creating a makeshift lantern (pic after the break).  In the bigger picture, the bag is a design study to create local manufacturing and sourcing opportunities throughout Africa and other developing countries, leading to renewable, sustainable business opportunities that provide a genuine benefit (like, you know, portable light).

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Perhaps the best demonstration is this Benny Hill-esque video from FLAP:

More info on this project is found on Ecouterre.com, and yes, you can order a FLAP bag from Timbuk2…if you’re ready to order 200 or more ( *cough* Interbike) or wait to have your smaller order combined with others’ orders.

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