To highlight the new and improved F-Series and F29 suspension forks, Fox Racing Shox has created a mini-site specifically for the lightest platform of forks they offer.

Dubbed the 1429 site due to the fact that this is precisely the weight of a 26 inch F80 or F100 9mm quick release fork. The rest of the forks in the line-up fall close behind with the heaviest fork in the group being a 120mm F29 which tips the scales at just over four and a quarter pounds.

The new forks offer an option of damping systems with Fox’s typical open bath damping system or the new FIT cartridge damping system. FIT cartridges (Fox Isolated Technology),  have been on the 36 and 40 forks for some time and only recently were redesigned to fit the needs of XC and AM bikes. The benefits of the new cartridge are many, as it eliminates fluid aeration, reduces total oil volume therefore reducing unsprung weight, and also expands the range of usable adjustments for both compression and rebound.

Having now had the chance personally to both ride, tear down, and rebuild a fork with a FIT cartridge I can say without doubt, that it not just a marketing ploy. The new forks just work, and are some of the lightest, most plush forks available. Check it out here.

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