You know the saying, once you pop – the fun, well the fun stops if you’re on a bike. Originally fixed gear riders were forced to choose between colorful race tires or bland, but durable commuting tires, and considering one of the best part of riding fixed is skidding – that’s a hard choice to make. To address the need for super long wearing yet still colorful tires, Duro Tire is set to release this new line of tires at the Taipei International Cycle Show next week. With names like Vanilla Rage, Lime-o-rita, and Downtown Billy Brown the names clearly emulate the playful nature of these tires.

On the spec side of things, the tires will currently be offered only in 700 x 24 but plans are to release a 700 x 32 size later in the summer. The tires will feature an aramid bead with a 60 tpi casing and will weigh in at 230g, not bad for a tire that’s designed for skidding! The tires will also feature an inverted tread pattern with 3 mm deep tread which should help to keep things planted when the conditions are rough.

All nine colorways of the Fixie Pops should be available by the end of May.

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