This product is simple yet effective. It serves one purpose, to ice the lower back; a purpose in which it accomplishes with great avail. I happened to be lucky enough to get a turn with this product right after making comments on how I was experiencing a fair amount of lower back pain. Fate?

I am going to start with comfort. Homework was done here; the strap and gel cell are barley noticeable when wearing and strapping the piece on for optimal comfort is a breeze. Hand pockets for adjusting tension are integrated into the strap system and elasticity along with a very soft, non-abrasive material give this belt a true non-obtrusive presence. I could move freely about and the belt stayed secure without being a nuisance.

Looks. Everyone is going to want one, hands off!

So, it’s stylish and comfortable but, does is work? My back says yes. In a period of two days I used the Moji Back a total of four cycles of about 15-20 minutes each. My back pain was mitigated drastically in this time and I was able to go back to full use of my back without any significant pain or discomfort. As a cyclist, I am accustomed to occasional lower back pain/discomfort. Regular use of Moji Back for both preventative measures and post ride recovery is sure to be a valuable investment for your body. Moji Back and I could be forming a serious relationship here.

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