Seeing as Charge also makes urban clothing, it seems a bit of an odd collaboration to see a Carhartt branded fixed gear bike coming from the UK manufacturer, but the Carhartt x Charged bike is here.

It’s a gloss brown painted version of their chromoly steel 700c Plug frame with Carhartt  grips and simple logo on the top tube.  Other than that, you get Sugino cranks, a flip flop rear wheel so you can run it single speed if you want, Charge  Spit riser bar, Masher chain, Eclat Surge pedals and a Spoon saddle.

It’ll be available in S, M and L frame sizes.  More pics after the break…






More bike pics on FreshnessMag.  The fine young lady you see above isn’t just a model, she’s Juliet, a sponsored Charge rider that’s getting ready to release some video of her tearing it up in Dublin. (Some info via ProllyisnotProbably)

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