Clothing is getting smarter. No, this is not the first active wear with an integrated lighting system, but it clearly demonstrates the fact that the idea is catching on – and why wouldn’t it? How many times have you been riding around dusk only to have your blinky light jettison from your seat bag or jersey thinking “man, that’s the second one this month!”

Apparels’ Intelligence Quotient is looking to expand on the current market of integrated technology, while seemingly willing to challenge the status quo when it comes to cycling clothing’s price in general. The LED series of clothing from AIQ carries the NeonMan moniker, and features everything from $13.99 loose fit LED T’s to their most expensive product: the $39.99 water resistant LED shell jacket. All of the LED NeonMan series includes the 5 LED, CR2032 (same as most cycle computers) battery powered light strip with a claimed burn time of 50 hours. The strip weighs in at 15g, with no word on whether it has a flashing mode.

See more of the NeonMan clothing line after the break.

LED Strip used in all NeonMan garments.
LED Strip used in all NeonMan garments.

I know, you may be thinking, ” my Superflash sure looks like it would be brighter than that?” It probably is, but considering that Superflashes retail for $29.99 and you can buy this LED plus the accompanying jersey for as little as $13.99, you start to think that it’s not such a bad deal.

AIQ Fitted Jersey
AIQ Fitted NeonMan Jersey

With technical moisture wicking fabric and LED lighting, AiQ LED Comfort Dry Men’s Pro-shirt provides comfort and makes you conspicuous during twilight training for cyclists and runners. This shirt helps keep you dry and comfortable as well as safe.

  • Mock-neck
  • DRI-TeK® fabric wicks moisture away from your body keeping you comfortable, dry and focused
  • Reflective detailing increases visibility to other vehicles.
  • Active LED lighting strip (included) enhances your safety in the dark.
  • Contrast mesh panels at side seams and back
  • 7.5-inch zip rear pocket for storage of accessories-converts into a compact fanny pack for easy travel and storage
  • Fabric: Body: DRI-TeK® 84% polyester/16% spandex; Insets: DRI-TeK® 100% polyester
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
AIQ LED Shell Jacket
AIQ LED Shell Jacket
Rear of the AIQ LED Jacket with stowable hood deployed
Rear of the AIQ LED Jacket with stowable hood deployed

Whether you’re walking, hiking, biking or golfing, consider it your second skin for uncertain weather. Our AiQ LED ULTRA LIGHT HOODED JACKET is so comfortable; you’ll forget you’ve put it on!

  • Mock-neck; raglan cut
  • Fabric made of unique nylon tricot and coated with a breathable, water resistant, and windproof membrane.
  • Reflective detailing increases visibility to other vehicles.
  • Active LED lighting strip (included) enhances your safety at twilight.
  • Extremely lightweight! Each jacket is 6 ounces (Men’s size large including LED strip).
  • Jacket is packable! Stuffs conveniently into its rear pocket
  • Soft elastic binding at waist keeps out wind and water
  • Hand wash cold
  • Imported

AIQ also has the short sleeve and short sleeve fitted NeonMan jerseys in womens’ styles and colors, which should perhaps be referred to as NeonWoman? In addition to the NeonMan line of clothing, AIQ looks to have other pieces of wearable technology available in the future with clothing that features everything from built in speakers to Ipod controls. Check out the full line at AIQ’s Website.

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