You know the story…Lance takes some ownership in company, Lance helps guide product development, etc., etc.

Well, in this case, his ownership in Honey Stinger has led to the development of this sugary treat, the Honey Waffle. As our man on the street at OR reported, this snacky-doodle has Honey Stinger honey slopped between two thin waffles. You might want to slather some peanut butter on it, or eat it with their protein bar, just to keep from going on a sugar high, but it sure does look delicious. Mmmmm…waffles. gglaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Check the label after the break…


Click the image to enlarge and read.


  1. Dusinka on

    No development was needed. It’s a long-been-around dutch treat called the “Stroop-wafel”. Hence were he got the name. Lance has some dutch connections…


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