Like the film making process? Think you’ve got mad movie making skills? Why not cash in some of that talent towards a brand new Specialized Rockhopper, or even the $2011 grand prize?

The thing is, you don’t actually have to make a movie, just a story reel like the one above. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a movie trailer, but could be a commercial, infomercial, mini-movie, training video, bike-u-mentary, music video, musical, etc. All that matters is your creativity, and the fact that you showcase the Rockhopper’s dirt shredding glory.

Jump past the break for the final Wheels of Fire movie, and contest rules and details!

The Rockhopper Video Contest in 7 Easy Steps:

  1. View Wheels of Fire video and sample story reel (above).
  2. Make and post a video of your story reel—artistic quality is NOT critical here. We recommend you keep the video under three minutes: less is usually more.
  3. Post it on YouTube by 26-Aug-10 before 12:00am EDT and tag it ‘Rockhoppper’.
  4. Share your YouTube link with us at or tweet us the link @iamspecialized
  5. Our top 10 favorite story reels get a brand new 2011 Rockhopper Comp
  6. Finalists will then be invited to independently shoot, edit, and submit their final videos based on their original story reels
  7. Grand Prize winner will receive $2011 cash and will be featured on

Tips for submissions:

  • Open to USA residents only (sorry, rules are rules).
  • STORY is much more important than technical quality
  • Use Wheels of Fire for inspiration and overview, but videos DO NOT need to follow similar format, storyline, dialogue, etc.
  • Videos can follow ANY storyline (please keep it relatively clean), and ANY style.
  • Channel your inner filmmaker and enjoy the ride!And, don’t forget to check the Official Rules.
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