Photo c.
Photo c.
Think you got a deal on your last bike? How about finding an XTR equipped BMC Fourstroke at a yardsale marked for 5 bucks? Hard to believe, yes, but it happened.
According to the Associated Press, Greg Estes of Owenton KY, picked up the bike for a measley $5 planning on reselling the bike for a coulple hundred and attempting to make a profit. Greg knew the bike was worth more than $5 even with two flat tires, but had no idea just how much. The bike was custom built by Cyco-Path Bicycles out of Temecula, Calif., near San Diego specifically for Floyd Landis to race in the 2007 Leadville 100. Obviously the bikes value is closer to $8,000 or roughly 1600 times what Estes paid for the BMC.
The strange part about the story is that Estes offered the seller of the bike a percentage of the profits if he is able to sell it, but the seller denied stating “finders-keepers.” Stranger still is that apparently the seller claims to have just “found” the bike on the side of a highway in Kentucky. So I suppose it could have been the result of bike rack failure, or the product of a new highway innitiative utilizing expensive bikes as mile markers.
Either way, Landis has not been able to be reached for comment while all of this comes on the heels of his broad doping allegations in the world of competitive road cycling.


  1. For what it’s worth, I was the mechanic that built the bike. I’ve looked through the pictures and can confirm that it is the same bike.

  2. My guess is that someone in KY had this bike, came to the same realization everyone else has (Landis is an ASS), and decided to dump and be better off for it. As for the rest of the story, having grown up in KY, I don’t find it hard to believe. Pretty interesting tale anyway.

  3. I can confirm the “rack failure” theory. I work at a shop in Columbus, Ohio, and we received a call from Floyd’s mechanic the day before the 2008 Mohican 100, stating that Floyd’s bike had fallen off his rack while driving up from Kentucky, and he needed a bike to race in the 100 that weekend. We prepped a Gary Fisher HiFi Pro that he picked up later that day and Floyd raced, (and dnf’d, I believe,) it that weekend at Mohican.

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