axle-release-bicycle-quick-release-adapterFile under “Why didn’t I think of this!”

Axle Release is set to release this quick release conversion bit for bicycle hubs with solid, threaded axles, making wheel swaps and repairs quicker and easier.

Mainly found on BMX and kids bikes and those with coaster brakes, this will allow quick removal for transport or pulling off the training wheels if your little one suddenly decides they’re ready for the big time.

The patent-pending design is available in several sizes: 3/8″x26T, 3/8″x24T, M10x1.0, M9x1.0, 5/16″x26T and 5/16″x24T.


  1. Meanwhile I’m trying to make my quick release wheels less easy for someone to run off with. This is a clever idea and probably great for people who don’t worry about theft either because they are in low-theft areas or simply don’t leave their bikes unattended. For my part, I prefer beefing up my tires so they don’t flat as often and then making the tires harder to remove, but I can still see the appeal of this device.

  2. I’m the inventor. To answer uglyyeti’s question, a pair of axle release Classic models retail for $16.99 and the Pro (shown) is $24.99. As for Rob E’s comment, even crooks carry wrenches! Hopefully we’ll get some royalties from bike lock companies companies like Kryptonite! Ha ha.

  3. It is a cool idea, but why not make thru axle compatible hardware for existing coaster brake hubs? That would be easy enough to manufacture.

    I used a rubber coated conduit strap, machine bolt and wingnut for my torque arm.

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