Apparently Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen has decided he’s going to work his cardio in style. Independent Fabrication in collaboration with Berlin Bicycle recently completed this custom full-carbon Corvid for Allen. Every tube was custom cut to Allen’s measurements and joined with stylized crown lugs, also made of carbon. The lugs, decal panels, and fork are all painted in a striking metallic “Celtics Green.” Allen spared no expense with the build either, outfitting his ride with Shimano Di2 and Ritchey WCS components. It’s rumored that Allen has borderline Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Perhaps he will develop a new compulsion that involves shifting his Di2 front derailleur again and again just to listen to its little motor whir (I have that compulsion and I don’t even suffer from OCD). The early feedback from the NBA star was overwhelmingly positive, “The bike is incredible…so strong.” He is said to have said of his new bicycle. One has to wonder if Allen will use his new toy exclusively for cross-training, or if he will venture off into unfortunate celebrity-cross-sport-duels like Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams did with Floyd Landis.

More detailed photos of the beautiful lug work after the break…


  1. that’s a weird looking fit for Ray. The saddle is awfuly high in respect to the h-bars.

    wonder why he didn’t get fit at FitWerx or Wheel Works in Boston.

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