While Tyler got the low down on some new hubs and rims from Stan’s No Tubes, hiding on one of the back tables amongst hubs, stickers, and bottles of Stan’s sealant were a few other new items almost too small to notice.

First up is the all new completely redesigned tubeless valve. That’s right, there is now only one valve. Supposedly the valve has been tested on all rims whether UST, tubeless ready, road, Stan’s, you name it they all work. This is especially great for shops who can now stock one replacement valve for nearly any wheel especially for customers in a pinch.

Check out Stan’s other new product after the break!

While not a valve, the other new creation from Stan’s is a valve extender. While it may be difficult to get excited over a valve extender, there is nothing worse than gluing up a tubular only to find that you can’t get air in your tire. To eliminate that possibility, Stan’s employs the valve extender type that requires a removable valve core, which you unscrew from the valve and screw into the top of the extender. You then thread the valve extender into the now open valve, and with the o ring at the base it should be air tight with no need for plumbers tape. The valve-up-top design means that if your valve ever gets stuck, it is accessible without having to remove the tire. Stan’s also made sure to point out that the entire valve extender is threaded meaning you won’t have any trouble keeping the pump head on the valve extender.


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