Tybelt Melia, already a serial inventor at just 10 years old, is competing in a BBC Television competition called My Genius Idea with his latest gadget, the Bike Bleeper.

Video of the episode is here if you’re in the UK (it won’t play here in the U.S., so we presume you’ve got to be within the UK’s broadcast area to see it online, too).

The Bike Bleeper sends a signal that causes a car’s radio to emit an sound, thus alerting drivers that they’re approaching a cyclist. Melia said he came up with the idea after a friend of his was hit and killed by a car while riding his bike.  Unlike past attempts that required the motorists to buy or install something, this device fits on the bike and requires no effort by the driver to use.

More details and an interview with Melia can be found here. Via BikeBiz.


  1. Fantastic idea. It might even train drivers to avoid cyclists to stop the irritaing “beep beep beep” from their radios whenever they approach us. Safety through irritation, what a concept!

  2. One problem. Drivers will be looking at their stereo in confusion instead of paying attention to the road and the cyclists this is supposed to protect.

  3. Now he just needs to figure out how to make it work with cell phones and MP3 players and he’ll cover the other 90% of drivers.

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