By this point, most of you are familiar with Shimano’s Dura Ace level Di2 electronic shifting system. For any of you that aren’t, the Di2 system (Digital Integrated Intelligence) incorporates push button electronic shifting, that, along with a small battery to be mounted to the downtube, etc, is capable of producing a shifting system without the traditional shift cable. More than just push button controls, the Di2 system constantly self adjusts to ensure perfect operation, regardless of chainline, time of shift, etc.

All of this is great, but with the $4,680 price tag for the group, it left many questioning whether it was worth it. However, a few different sources are now reporting confirmation of an Ultegra level Di2 system that will be released in 2012.

More on the new group after the break!

While the price on a DA Di2 group alone is over $4k, the price of the Ultegra Di2 is obviously expected to be much lower, so low in fact that it is expected to bring electric shifting to bikes under $4,000. Most assume that with the lower price tag, the new Ultegra Di2 will borrow the current mechanical Ultegra Crank, brakes, cassette, and chain.

Recently, VeloNews contacted Shimano American’s PR manager Devin Walton, who had this to say, “we have no official comments on this side,” adding that “details on any new group are not made available until all quality standards are passed.” So obviously, Shimano is remaining tight lipped about the whole deal, although the fact that bike manufacturers need to know years in advance what  groups will be available, means Shimano is probably just playing coy.

Speculation is that the new Ultegra Di2 will be unveiled at the same time as the new Campagnolo Electric group in an attempt to steal some of their thunder.

All of this, and still no word on any electronic shifting system from SRAM, hmm.

So what do you think? Would you buy Ultegra Di2? Campy Electric? Or are you hoping for SRAM to join the party?


  1. Trimeon4size on

    I only want electronic shifting on my Tri/TT bike. Having the ability to shift while on the brake hoods would be awesome. I like the regular shifters for my road.

  2. C5D on

    I currently have Dura-Ace Di2, and while I LOVE the group performance, I do understand that it’s very, VERY, pricey.

    I hope that this will be a good verison of trickle down technology, and brings electric servo shifting for all, or at least more than mechanical Dura-Ace + ~$2K…

    I really hope SRAM gets going, or they might be left behind. There are just somethings that Di2 can do (slight over-shifting, and then recentering, auto-trimming the front derailleur cage) that mechanical systems just plain can’t…

  3. KGr on

    While I’d like to try electronic Shimano shifting, their prices are so high for everything these days that the thought of paying close to Dura-Ace prices for an Ultegra group (even an electronic Ultegra group) leaves me feeling flat.


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