Submitted by James Stull, “Snow Biking in a Fresh 10 inches of Snow in Anchorage Alaska.”

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  1. Riding in winter conditions is really hard on the body. The worst part is sweeting up the hills and freezing down them. Then their is of course the chilled knees, arms, and feet. Then the 30 minute shower to thaw out your body and take the chill out of your bones. Then their is the two to three hour manditory nap under a thick blanket while your body recovers from the abuse. With all due respect, hiking,snow shoeing, and cross country skiing are a better way to go in winter as their is less wind chill and it is easier to moderate heat generation and body temperature.

  2. Can’t anyone do anything normal anymore? I grew up in Alaska, but I would never jump on the snow mountain biking bandwagon. What’s next, iced over waterfall sledding? Ohh, that sounds SO extreme, so unique! Another example of people trying WAY too hard.

  3. Hahahahaha! you goofballs don’t know what you’re talking about, fatbikes are amazing it’s almost as fast as as my 29er on dirt, just need to know how to dress!

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