Niner Bikes is now offering a carbon version of its flat top bar. The bar is “carbon-tuned for increased ride quality/comfort” and it shares the same sweep and width as Niner’s original Flat Top bar. It also has a +/- 5mm rise/drop, created by an offset bulge in the center section. Rise can be adjusted by simply flipping the bar one way or the other.

The bars retail for $159.99, are covered by Niner’s new C5 warranty program, and word is that claimed weight is consistent with actual weight.

But most importantly, the bars come in four different colors to match Niner’s products…

see the colors and peruse some specs after the break.


  • 710mm width with markings for cutting down as far as 650mm
  • bar-end compatible
  • carbon-tuned for ride quality
  • +/- 5mm rise via the bar design
  • graphics that look great right side up or upside down
  • 175g weight (full 710mm width)
  • 160g weight (cut down 650mm width)
  • 9º sweep
  • Red, Kermit Green, Moondust Grey and Tang Orange
  • $159.99 MSRP

Niner says the  Niner Flat Top 9 carbon bars are available now, through the Niner Store or through any Niner dealer.

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