Lately, most of the buzz around the helmet cam market has belonged to the battle between GoPro and Contour, but what if you already owned a portable electronic device that was capable of capturing HD video? We’re talking of course, about one of the smartest smart phones, the iPhone 4.

The idea behind the Pom-Cam (Point Of Me)  is fairly simple: you already have a phone that is capable of taking HD video, you just need a case that is sturdy enough that your expensive phone doesn’t end up an expensive paper weight, and gives you the options of mounting it onto a helmet, harness, or handlebar.In addition to the shockproof, water proof housing, the Pom-Cam also retains touch screen and button function even when in the case, and includes a quality wide angle lens to increase the field of view.

Currently the Pom-Cam is in its development phase, and Andrew Taylor and Shelby Paget are looking to drum up financial support via Kickstarter.

How is the Pom-Cam going to attach to you or your bike? You’ll have to jump past the break to find out!

This video shows the steps Andrew and Shelby have taken so far, and features their current working prototype (the movie starts cranking at 2:17 with actual footage shot with an iPhone).

Obviously, these are all CAD drawings of the various features, but they clearly illustrate the final product. The iPhone will be housed in the protective housing, and then will snap into the clear housing that looks like it will offer additional protection to the screen while in use, and not obstruct the lens.

The goal is for multiple mounting options will be available including a handlebar quick release, suction cup, helmet mount, and chest mount.

– Quality wide angle lens
– Black rubberized shell
– Locking slider
– Hinged door for easy installation
– Water resistant
– Shock resistant
– Usable touchscreen and buttons
– Waterproof headphone and out-bore microphone jack

Basic POM Package will retail for $129.99 and the Premium POM Package (with every mount) will retail for $159.99. If you are interested, you can pre-order one here, which will help push development along. Also, for more information as it becomes available, you can find it on the POM website.


  1. They should incorporate exchangeable lens sets. i.e., fish eye, bird’s eye, or normal.
    They’re comments are blocked on all their videos. 🙁

  2. What would be much better is if someone could create a wired or wireless camera that would just use the iPhone as the baseunit. I’m sure that is incredibly dependent on Apple having open API’s for such use though… This thing is like a billboard flat into the wind.

  3. After the video, it’s growing on me… but the price seems high. The chest rig seems the most useful for certain sports, followed by the bar mount. The helmet mount and suction seem highly questionable…

    Another thing I’ve wondered about is whether one could design a 65-75 degree lens into an iPhone case (e.g. Dahon BioLogic) such that when it is mounted flat on your stem or bars, the lens actually looks forward. Then you could see your video in progress or otherwise use the phone and it wouldn’t be a like a damn sail in the vertical position.

  4. I think this is a great idea. To the other commentors, come on guys do you think an iPhone is really going to cause any noticeable wind drag difference compared to your whole body, helmet, bike, etc. If you do then me thinks you are deluded. Not as is the Go Pro is some aerodynamic beauty.I think it was just styled on a house brick.

  5. Jon. Actually…yes, you will feel it. When you are on a motorcycle, for example, your helmet is streamlined against the wind. To put a large flat object perpendicular to the wind will have a relatively large drag coefficient. Even if the housing is only 4″ by 2.5″ or so, you will DEFINITELY feel it.
    That being said….this is definitely a great concept. It wouldn’t take me away from my GoPro, but it would certainly be a fun alternative from time to time.

  6. You guys all raise some interesting points here.
    I think the best advancement yet is Contour’s new GPS blue tooth enabled helmet cam. It allows you to use your smart phone, or other blue tooth device, as a view finder. No more guessing where you’re camera is pointed. It also has a built in laser pointer that lets you pin point where it’s pointed, if you don’t have smart phone.
    Blue tooth technology also allows the possibility of a remote.

    There are magnetic lenses already available for iPhone. You can get a fish eye lense, etc. For example:
    There are other as well.
    Still, I think Contour is making a big push in 2011 to take back a portion of the market getting gobbled up by GoPro. It’s a more refined unit, and has the same video quality.
    I think the POM Cam serves a purpose for someone not really into making videos. It’s an accessory for an iPhone owner, it doesn’t replace a real camera.

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