Being the handmade in Steamboat Springs Colorado bikes that they are, Moots will be one of the many  fine companies with wares on display at this weekend’s North American Handmade Bike Show. In addition to showcasing their unbelievably tidy titanium welds that we all know and love, they will also be showing off a few new bikes including this Mooto X YBB Adventure bike!

The Mooto X Adventure bike starts off as a Mooto X 29r frame with the classic Moots pivotless softail design, and is then built up with a mix of mountain and road parts to create what Moots refers to as the perfect Monstercrosser, adventure bike, or get-outta-dodge-rig. With a full compliment of Brooks honey leather, and full panniers front and rear, the Adventure bike sure looks like a bike that could take you just about anywhere.

More Moots goodness is sure to come at the show, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. This looks like a sweet ride… but I am wondering how the r.der works unless it is a long cage rival. It sure looks like a mt der which has a different actuation ratio than the road shifters. Just wondering..

  2. All Sram 10 speed stuff is Exact Actuation, meaning it is the same cable pull as their road shifters. So all road shifters should be compatible with all 10 speed mountain derailleurs.

  3. Hi Zach,

    I have been riding a 26 inch Moots YBB for 18 years and have done some off road adventure touring on it. I would like to upgrade to a Mooto-X YBB and this build really intrigues me for this type of riding. Is this a stock Mooto-X frame? If not, what is different about it? Also, what 29er fork did you use on this bike? I’m looking for something simpler, more durable, and reqiring less constant service than the current hight end models. Kind of like a Moots Mooto-X YBB or Rholoff hub, except in a suspension fork.

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