Unprofessional cyclist Rich “Dicky” Dillen has teamed up with Canadian frame builder Peter Keiller of Misfit Psycles to create this miniature version of a bicycle. My understanding is that Mr. Dillen couldn’t find a bicycle small enough to accommodate his homunculean stature, so he had to have this custom frame built. And, due to his freakish biomechanical issues, Mr. Dillen coerced Keiller into building the frame around a Niner Biocentric eccentric bottom bracket, instead of the stock sliding dropouts. You see, Dillen’s body is so sensitive to hot and cold that it literally contracts and expands depending on the temperature. Therefore he requires an EBB. With an EBB he can rotate the position of his bottom bracket, effectively changing his fit on the bike. He couldn’t accomplish this with sliders. With sliders he’d be relegated to setting the bike up for hot or cold days. A state of affairs that would be simply unconscionable.

Weight , more photos, and some specs after the break. Oh, and be forewarned, the last photo contains adult language. Eye-muffs children, eye-muffs.

The symbol of Misfit Psycles’ or the “Evil Empire.”

Post mount brake designed by Thomas Wood.

Hooded dropouts custom manufactured by YESS.

The Cane Creek 110 ZS44/28.6~EC44/40) allows you to run a tapered fork in a non-tapered zero stack compatible head tube.

20.14 lbs. But Dicky says “.15lbs have got to go.” Frame weight is 4.3lbs.

Mr. Dillen didn’t want to use one of Mr. Keiller’s brass head badges. He paid dearly for his insolence.


  1. stratosrally on


    I’d take the brass headbadge AND the “Motivational Phrase” lettering on mine. I ride a 16″ Haro Beasley 650B 1×9, which has a very similar frame design, but out of heavier cro-mo, and a segmented cro-mo rigid fork. Prolly weighs in at twice as much – whole bike is about 28lbs. I could fly on this thing…

    Love the writing on this post!


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