You’re gonna have to pardon the all-Santa-Cruz-all-the-time theme we have going on here at BikeRumor! today, but there just happens to be a lot of Santa Cruz bicycles-related news coming out of the press camp in St. George, Utah. Zach told you about the Highball carbon 29er hardtail, Tyler told you about the new longer travel Blur TR, and now I’m here to tell you about the new aluminum version of Santa Cruz’s immensely popular Tallboy full suspension carbon 29er. This “lesser” incarnation of the Tallboy shares the same VPP suspension and geometry of its pricier-carbon-counterpart; it’s just slightly heavier and a lot cheaper.

What exactly is that geometry, and just how cheap and heavy is it? Well, you’ll find that out after the break (after you finish looking at all the huge clickable photos).

Tapered head tube

Short chainstays and curved seat tube.

6.6lb frame weight (with shock)

Weight: 27lb as pictured

Available in all powder coat options

$1850 US MSRP frame and Fox RP2 – Complete bikes from $2299


  1. yesplease on

    No XXL? Damn you santacruz! I have been waiting for this bike since the Carbon Tallboy came out and you only go to XL…..

  2. ThomP on

    Oops, I lied about the “huge clickable photos.” First time I’d linked photos from a URL. Eh, but they are pretty huge anyway.

  3. topmounter on

    Slightly heavier – 1.5#’ish more

    A lot cheaper – $500’ish less

    But what about the ride… How does the stiffness compare?

  4. ohioguy on

    interesting way to run those ‘full length’ cables.
    Where do the water bottle cages mount?
    6.6 lbs? good grief – sounds like downhill pedal only.
    27lbs – that is quite a bit of weight, however – it’s not a hundie bike or an all day machine, more like a local entry dual susp 29r.
    It has it’s place in the market – nice work Santa
    I think that price point beats out specialized right?

  5. topmounter on

    I’m sure you could trim some weight off that build, but I’m not sure if you can trim 1.5 pounds off for $500. Of course the comparison is pointless if the handling and ride aren’t at least in the same ballpark as the carbon Tallboy. If the ride measures up, then I could see that being a nice all-day back-country ride.

  6. ZachOverholt on

    @ohioguy, I fixed the pictures so that you can click on them for the huge size. The water bottle bosses are much easier to see in the large version of that last picture. One for both sides of the down tube.

  7. fuzzbuzz on

    I swear ohioguy, you make some of the dumbest comments I’ve read. 27 lbs is not heavy. Maybe you just need to HTFU.


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