win a custom canary centure painted cervelo r5 racing road bike frame

  • Cyclists who participate in the Canary Century anti-cancer benefit ride on May 28 can win a custom Cervélo race bike and ride alongside top San Francisco Bay Area pros including Freddie Rodriguez, John Novitsky, Joao Correia, Brooke Miller and more. Other prizes include a Canary Century ride kit and the opportunity to pedal with members of Team Garmin-Cervélo. More info here.
  • The Bud Brake (pic after the break) is antilock brakes for your bicycle. It balances input from either lever, or both, to activate both front and rear brakes in a preset ratio to keep them from locking up, helping you stop under control and safely. Check them out at
  • Cycling Sports Group (aka: Cannondale, Mongoose and GT) has just set up a twitter account to list job openings. Interested? Follow them at Cannondale is also running their Off the Front promo to give away goodies and keep you abreast of their Liquigaas team at the Amgen Tour of California. Register at Cannondale .com.
  • Ray’s MTB Park in Cleveland, OH, is having their massive Raffle Jam this weekend. Flyer and details after the break.
  • Kona’s Shoot the Ride contest is now in it’s fourth year, and they’re opening up the voting to YOU! Go to for submission guidelines and contest rules, but basically the best pics that tell the story of your most awesomest ride ever should win.
  • Signed up for an event and want to raise money for a charity? Sportsgrant’s Project One lets you turn any event into your own fundraising event for a charity of your choice…from their preselected annual list. Simply register your planned activity with them, then go through the normal paces of hitting up friends and family to pledge support, just like in grade school.
  • The Velodroid app (~$3.20 USD) is being introduced as an Android app “for serious cyclists, developed by nerdy cyclists.” It has a clean and simple interface for tracking your ride, elevation, gradient, and will let you upload your data to any online service. We like their tagline: “No access to Spanish steaks? You can still train smarter with Velodroid’s Intervals feature.”
  • From the League of American Bicyclists: “Your state DOT may be getting ready to take away millions of dollars in bicycle and pedestrian funding. In the latest budget deal between the Republicans and Democrats, the two parties agreed to rescind (read: take back) $2.5 billion in unspent federal transportation funds. Your state DOT has the power to decide which funds they send back. And based upon history we know what happens next… Last year, when states had to send back $2.2 billion in transportation funds, almost half of that money came from programs that fund bicycling and walking projects.” Take action today: Click here for more information and to compose and send a message to the governor of your state.
  • Prescott College students, along with the One Street organization, are working together to make their college town (of Prescott, Arizona) a more bicycle friendly town. One Street plans on using the success of this plan to help other university towns in need of friendlier transportation options.
  • The Freiburg bike collective is having a handmade bike show in Freiburg, Germany, May 7th and 8th.

The Bud Brake:

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