Seriously, this is a must watch. If you’ve ever been frustrated by people or things obstructing your path while in the bike lane, this video speaks volumes. It really goes to show just what’s wrong with the country’s view on bicycling, when instead of ticketing people who are clearly breaking the law by double parking, instead the ticket a cyclist for trying to stay out of harm’s way.

Hilarity ensues at 1:15.

Thank you Casey for making this!



  1. as a public service announcement (without guitar) here is the actual law regarding bike lanes in nyc:

    —34 RCNY 4-12(p)(1) states that bicyclists should ride in usable bike lanes, unless they are preparing to turn, or are avoiding unsafe conditions (including but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, pushcarts, animals, surface hazards).

    so basically it was a bum ticket.

  2. That guy is good at stunt work.

    The real problem here is insane taxi drivers and people who walk into the street without even looking–really, it happens constantly–and people who cross the street against the light even when traffic is coming. I was standing on 79th and Amsterdam 10 minutes ago and watched a guy slowly go through the crosswalk. The light changed when he was halfway across and he did not in any way act as if he thought he might be in the wrong, just kept on ambling onward.

    Another truely insane thing that I see more often than seems likely is people with mobility problems who are willing to start into an intersection as if they can move as fast as the average person. These people should start at, and only at the moment they get the green walk sign.

  3. Funny because of all the crashes, but that doesn’t really help cyclists in NYC too much. It’s other cyclists giving cyclists as a whole a bad name. but that cop is probably fed up with all the cyclists that don’t follow rules of the road. Check out this video:

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