lightweight FSA polycarbonate 1-1/8 inch headset spacers

FSA has just introduced lightweight polycarbonate headset spacers to match those headset top caps we saw at Sea Otter.

They’ll come in packs of 10 each for $14.95. They’re 5mm tall and only for 1-1/8″ steerer tubes. Current colors are as shown – blue, orange, red and green – but pink, clear and gray on in the works. So, how light are they? Just one on the scale doesn’t even register…click through for pics.

FSA polycarbonate headset spacers are lightweight and come in blue, orange, green and red


  1. that park tools scale is junk… I have one. It has a +/- 1 gram error, which if you’re counting grams on lightweight stuff is a fairly large margin for error.

  2. 6/4=1.5GMS EACH….So just one on the scales should register unless some colours are heavier than others? Or does it really

  3. Doug come on buddy, you’re making cyclists look bad.

    Obviously the point of those photos is to show each weighs LESS THAN A GRAM.

  4. Funny thing, usually the gram counters are the ones that could stand to lose 20 pounds around their mid line. Just saying…..

  5. If you are obsessing about a margin of error +/-1gr on your bike parts…you either need to (a) ride more, (b) get a girlfriend, (c) both

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