To say I’m excited right now would be an understatement. A grand understatement.

Because Niner just announced they received US Patent No. 7,934,739 for the Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension system? No. Because the picture that accompanies that release shows a carbon fiber version of what is presumably a new Jet 9 bike…which happens to be my current primary ride (in non carbon materials, that is).

Judging from the looks of things, the BB is going to be big, likely PFBB30, and e lower linkages look a bit smoother, too.

UPDATE! It’ll be called the Carbon Jet 9 RDO (Race Day Optimized) and they’ll have a size run of bikes for us to ride next week. Other good news? Niner says they’re releasing it with all sizes ready to go, so no more trickling out of individual sizes like they did with the Air 9 Carbon!

Niner’s on deck for PressCamp next week, so I’m hoping to get some actual hands-on time (and maybe ride time!!! Chris, bring a Large!) starting Tuesday. Until then, see what’s up with the CVA patent in their PR after the break…

“The timing on this is great,” said Chris Sugai, president of Niner Bikes. “As we predicted when Niner was founded, 29 is now a significant focus in the industry. Our early commitment to this platform means that we have the only patented suspension system developed specifically around big wheels.“

According to Niner, in addition to being designed specifically with 29ers in mind, CVA’s advantages also include efficiency across all gears – particularly important with the growing popularity of 2×10 systems.

“The dozens of positive reviews we have received around the world support CVA™ as the premier 29er suspension option. Our commitment to 29ers only enables us to refine the system for our chosen wheel size” said Sugai.


  1. Lets hope their quality control improves by A LOT. I went through A FEW RIP9 frames and ALL were welded wrong! I gave up and just returned the frame. They do have a great service department though, no complains there but I think they knew of the issues and this wasn’t from the recall this was last year.

  2. other than my single speed my jet9 is my endurance and rocky trail race machine. a carbon version would keep me from buying a scapel 29er. i hope its gonna be lightweight.

  3. My Air9C isn’t super light (I think my large weighed in around 3.2 lbs) and built with XO/REBA XX/Stans it’s 21 lbs. But man is that thing a rocket. I’ve ridden a fair number of 29ers and it has a crazy balance of all out speed, quick handling, great climbing, and oddly enough I feel good descending.

    I’ll be picking up the Jet9 RDO for long days on the trails. That added squish will probably feel nice after 6 hours of riding…

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