A-Class 2012 road wheels with carbon tubulars and carbon-alloy clinchers

Alex Rims, the company behind A-Class Wheels, sources the raw materials to make their own alloys, which are then used on their wheels. They showed off new models for road/triathlon, mountain bikes and folding commuters at PressCamp last week.

Their new ALX850 carbon fiber tubular road wheel (front, above) has a 50mm depth, uses their own mold and is made in one of their factories. It uses sealed cartridge bearing Japanese hubs with DT Swiss spokes. MSRP $1800, weight for the pair is a claimed 1370g.

The ALX820 (middle) has a 40mm deep carbon rim with scandium brake track and rim bed bonded to it. Its not just a carbon aero shell bonded to an alloy rim like most similar wheels, it’s a full carbon rim with the alloy brake track added on top. MSRP is $1700 with a claimed weight of 1780g and can be used for cyclocross.

Speaking of cyclocross, they have some new disc brake cyclocross wheels coming out in two models with 130 rear hub spacing.

ALX 730 is one of their top end alloy clincher wheels. It uses their proprietary EXA alloy and comes in at 1540g for the set. MSRP $800 with DT Swiss aero spokes, available in white or black, and it’s tubeless compatible.

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The ALX850’s carbon tubular rim bed has a small “V” shaped groove in the center to hold the tire better.

A-Class 2012 mountain bike wheels

A-Class’s new VXD5 enduro/all mountain wheels (back and below) have offset spokes that use side ports on the rims to insert the nipples. This keeps the rim bed solid making them tubeless ready without tape. UST bead. MSRP $600. Weight 1780g.

The VXD3 (2nd from left) is their everyday use XC wheel. MSRP $650, weight 1600g.

On the right, the VD2 in both 26″ and 29er sizes is a solid trail/marathon/XC wheels. Rim width looks good with a nice rounded profile. MSRP $650 (29er) and $600 (26″), 1730g and 1680g respectively.

By inserting the nipple through the side, they maintain a solid rim bed for easy tubeless use. There are rubbery plastic covers that pop into each hole to keep gunk from getting inside the rim.

New XCR29 Pro scandium rim with aluminum eyelets was already available in 26″ sizes and is just now available for big wheels. The scandium and aluminum are anodized together to match.

A-Class Folex Race 20 inch folding bike lightweight wheelset

New Folex Race SL 20″ folding bike wheels with Japanese sealed cartridge bearing hubs for a serious upgrade to your folder. 1565g

All wheels have welded rim joints, which makes them stronger and more balanced than pin-and-sleeved rims, and all wheels use DT Swiss spokes.


  1. Greg on

    What does the XRC29 weigh?
    awesome to see some reasonable weight wheels as pretty decent prices too!! They should be able to give Stans some good competition.


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