If you’re looking for a ridiculously light cassette but are hoping it will last more than one season, perhaps you should look into the new 10 speed cassette from KCNC. Weighing in between 107 and 126 grams depending on the size, KCNC’s Shimano compatible cassette is certainly light. What makes it special, is that all of the cogs are made entirely from 6/4 Titanium, meaning they should last longer than the lightweight aluminum cassettes.

In addition, the largest 8 cogs are all attached to a one piece 7075 aluminum carrier, with the last two cogs being machined completely out of one piece of Ti. Because of this, there are only two pieces to the cassette that contact the cassette body, and the pieces are large enough that they won’t dig into the cassette body’s splines. Currently, the cassettes are only available in 11-23, 11-25, and 12-27 sizes in Shimano compatible versions only, though there are plans for a mountain bike 10 speed version in the future.

Check out the back of the cassette along with pricing info after the break!

As usual with most KCNC products, Fairwheel Bikes already has them in stock. Well, they did. Currently, they are down to just one 12-27 cassette remaining. If you want one, you’ll need to scrounge up a whopping $390.


  1. I want one just to hang on my wall with the gold anodized side out, what a gorgeous piece of machining.

    Plus 6 points for our Jewish brethren out there!

  2. I don’t think I ever seen cassette cogs made of aluminum. Just steel or Ti. And in my experience Ti cogs just don’t wear as long as steel.

  3. By using Ti, KCNC isn’t trying to make it last longer than a steel cassette, just insanely lighter.

    KCNC and some others have offered aluminum cassettes for years. They’re intended to be for race use or for the guy with deeper pockets than mine.

  4. Regina used to make the America superlight aluminum freewheel, well, back in the freewheel days. Pricey, fast wearing gear has been available for decades.

  5. “Plus 6 points for our Jewish brethren out there !”

    Stratosrally..please don’t have children…nevermind, you never have the opportunity.

  6. I meant that in a purely light-hearted way, honestly. If I were Jewish, I’d be even more likely to hang one on my wall. Not hatin’ here, I swear. Ever seen “The Hebrew Hammer” from Adam Goldberg? It looks like what he would wear on a chain. Very cool…

    Methinks thou art too sensitive, pal.

  7. Okay. Which is the eBay company: KCNC, which has distributors and a presence in brick and mortar shops, as well as a presence in internet shops (shops that aren’t eBay) or Fairwheel, which has two brick and mortar stores, their own internet site and sales, and who is the US distributor for several brands?

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