fox racing shox race truck and trailer stolen

FROM FOX: The entire FOX RACING SHOX RACE Trailer and FORD F550 Truck was stolen late Monday night 6/27, in route to the UCI World Cup event in Mount Sainte Anne, Canada.  The truck cab is a white FORD F550 Turbo Diesel with beige interior, CA license plate.  There are many distinguishing features with this cab such as all FORD logos have been converted to FOX logos, FOX custome embroibered seats, FOX instrument cluster and custom FOX footwheels.  The trailer is a 28ft FEATHERLIGHT flip down door.  The trailer contained custom proprietary racing equipment as well as two YETI bicycles, a medium ASR-5, and medium ARC hardtail.  A reward is being offered for any information that leads to the return of the vehicle.  The Race Rig was last seen at 6/28/11 at 4:30am traveling West on Hwy 20 just outside of Montreal.


  1. That’s just insane…

    A rider in my area just had a home invasion in broad daylight while he was at work.

    His roommate came running out of the shower naked with a .45 and chased the guy out into the garage, but in the confusion the bad guy made off with a fully-tricked out Santa Cruz Blur.

    He had also broke in next door while the lady of the house was home with the TV cranked up.

  2. Here’s what’s really interesting.

    YEARS ago, maybe 8? the SAME THING happen to Cannondale, also in Canada. Something is going on up there, and someone knows exactly what they’re doing.

  3. Crikey, I’m really sorry to hear this. This is at least the second time such a rip-off has occurred up here in Canada around World Cups. This is the first time I’ve heard of a whole truck and trailer being driven off though. Where would one stash it? Nuts. I hope its all recovered, this is a stain on our reputation up here as friendly igloo folk.

  4. Call the Russians and see if they have a spy satellite. That thing is so big that it wouldn’t be hard to spot even from outer space.

  5. the Cannondale rig dissappeared only about 4-5 years ago…but still, same thing…whole truck and trailer gone…full of bikes….never heard a peep again.

    Thing is, Mt. St. Anne is relatively close to multiple shipping ports. Don’t expect to ever hear anything about this rig again…it’s long gone.

    As Adam said, this is no smash and grab..

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