2012 Easton Havoc 150mm carbon fiber rim freeride downhill dh mountain bike wheels

We got a quasi-first look at these along with their new 35mm handlebar/stem combo recently, but here’s official word and specs.

Total wheelset weight for this new set is just 1,870g, which Easton says makes it the lightest 12x150mm wheelset on the market while providing UST compatibility and a 23mm internal (28mm external) rim width.

Price is $1,000 (w/ 20mm front thru axle) for the set or $550 for just the rear. It’s compatible with 157mm spaced frames through the use of modular endcaps. And yep, that gray model we spotted on Steve Smith’s Devinci was indeed the other color option for this wheelset, which pictured all shiny and new right after the break…

2012 Easton Havoc 150mm carbon fiber freeride downhill mountain bike wheels in stealthy gray


  1. Stans flows on hope hubs with butted spokes 1750g and a shite load cheaper.

    Dont get me wrong. These are nice, but pricing is redonck.

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