2012 Lezyne bike shop tools for the stylish home mechanic

Lezyne’s new home mechanic bike tools have been a poorly kept secret, but they hadn’t been seen. Until Eurobike.

The collection, as you’d expect from Lezyne, is gorgeous. The options are nowhere near as vast as Park Tools’ offerings, but the basics are here. Above, the multi-purpose chain whip, bottom bracket wrench, pedal wrench and bottle openers come with two handle options. Having lifted both around, the metal handles are by far some of the best, most comfortable grips I’ve ever laid hands on, bike tools or not.

Check the rest, plus updates to the entire range of floor, mini and shock pumps after the break…

2012 Lezyne bike shop tools for the stylish home mechanic

Got several bikes with different bottom brackets? No problem. The various inserts slot into the handle, tighten down then go to work. And this makes storage of multiple tools easier while future proofing the handle.

2012 Lezyne bike shop tools for the stylish home mechanic

The beauty is more than skin deep. Replacable screwdrivers on the tri tools? Yes, please. They’ll have two allen wrench options and a Torx option.

Lezyne bike commuter lights

The lights look pretty good in person, too, and are bigger than anticipated. Still no official word on run times, they’re still finalizing those tests.

2012 Lezyne mini pump floor pump and shock pumps for bicycles

The mini pump collection is staggering and includes an oh-my-gawd-that’s-ridiculous-but-I-totally-want-one shock pump with massively oversized gauge with oil sunk needle.

2012 Lezyne mini pump floor pump and shock pumps for bicycles

The new features are the use of an ABS Flex Hose to make trail/roadside inflation a bit easier and a new blow-off valve on their valve adapter. Lezyne said some customers had issues with the air pressure left in the hose blowing things apart on occasion and breaking either the valve stem or hose connection. The new release valve lets the air pressure escape from the hose before you remove it from the valve stem. There’s also a new 90º elbow chuck that make it easier to get into tight spaces.


  1. Beautiful stuff. I wish they would offer a full-sized polished aluminum frame pump that looks and works better than an old Silca. Bonus if it’s got a built-in bottle opener.

  2. I talked to Lezyne at the show and they DONT want to compete with Park, and dont plan on making tools to try and compete with them. They just wanted a few common sexy tools that most cyclists need at home.

  3. Any word if they have improved their floor pump chucks? I’m ready to toss my floor pump out the door. I am on the Nth O-ring replacement, they don’t last long, forget pumping up a track sew up… it spits out the chuck so many times I now have to hold it but at 180psi I need another person to pump or hold.

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